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Happy Birthday Momma

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

Wishing my mother a Happy Birthday!!! I am so glad that she and Rashida came to spend her birthday with me and my family. MJ Experience, dinner and wine is my kind of night 🙂

Happy Birthday Mommy

Happy Birthday Mommy


Happy Birthday to Me!

Saturday, September 13th, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me. Happy Birthday to Me. Happy Birthday Dear Candice! Happy Birthday to Me! (yes I just sang that aloud). I have to say some people are not very fond of birthdays but I’m glad I’m not one of those people! I love celebrating another year of life. Most times I don’t do anything elaborate on my birthday but I do enjoy reflecting on all the things I’ve accomplished over the last year.

It is already turning out to be a great birthday as I was the first in my household to wake up and it has been this way for nearly an hour. Often I forgot what alone time is once you get married and have a couple kids. Of course, I’m sure one of the kids will wake up while I’m typing this… I also received a phone call (bright and early) from an unexpected family member to wish me “Happy Birthday.” (Thank you Uncle Dennis).

Candice… So do you have any special plans for today?

Eh, not really. Today I’ll go to Tae Kwon Do and hopefully there is a good turn-out for birthday free-sparring. Then I’ll retire to the house and get cleaned up so that we can have a few people over to eat and play some board games. Overall, I’m looking forward to enjoying the day and the memories that I can reflect upon next year.